How much weight can a pallet hold?2019-06-04T16:34:54+00:00

The weight a pallet can hold is determined by many factors.  How it’s loaded.  Type of wood.  Where it’s stored.  Its’ original design.  We can analyze your pallet with PDS software to see exactly what weight it is capable of holding in what conditions.  We can also use PDS software to design new pallets to meet exact specifications.

What is the correct way to pronounce a pallet size?2019-06-04T16:34:19+00:00

The stringer length comes first and the deck board length second. So, a pallet with 48″” stringers and 40″” deck boards would be pronounced 48×40.

How large of a geographic area do you cover?2019-06-04T16:34:01+00:00

Taylor Made Pallets and it’s affiliates are readily available to cover all of Texas and it’s bordering states.

Does Taylor Made Pallets provide services other than new, combo, and recycled pallets?2019-06-04T16:33:42+00:00

Absolutely!  Please click on our Services link and our Customer Care link for more detail.

What is the most popular size pallet?2019-06-04T16:33:19+00:00

The 48×40 4-way is, by far, the most popular size pallet.  We sell these in A, B, and even C grade on special request.

Do you sell more new or recycled pallets?2019-06-04T16:32:58+00:00

We actually sell large quantities of both.  Our new pallet sales and experience are unmatched in the region, but we also sell many recycled, combo and remanufactured pallets.  You need it, we got it!

What is the difference between a 2-way pallet and a 4-way pallet?2019-06-04T16:32:34+00:00

A 2-way pallet can only be entered into with a forklift through 2 ends, while a forklift can enter a 4-way pallet from all sides.

Do you buy pallets?2019-06-04T16:31:49+00:00

Absolutely.  Types and prices do fluctuate based on market conditions, so please call to get a better feel for what your pallets are worth.

What are your hours of operation?2019-06-04T16:27:57+00:00

7am-4pm, Monday-Friday (special requests for extended hours are always considered)