Vendor Mangaged Inventory (VMI)

This service is a customer favorite.  It changes the traditional ordering process and frees up your key employees to focus on other aspects of your business.

To get started, together we determine pre-set minimum and maximum inventory requirements at your facility.  Once those parameters are set up, Taylor Made Pallets takes it from there.  We monitor your pallet float using site visits (even daily if needed) and we’ll let you know when you need more pallets.  All the headaches of ordering pallets are taken care of by us……and it’s free!

This ensures optimal supply, while at the same time, minimizing working capital, and inventory management costs.

Imagine having what you need, when you want it, without ever having to place and order.

Off Site Inventory (OSI)

Within a good working relationship, Taylor Made Pallets is happy to build your needed pallets ahead of schedule and stock them at our facility.  This enables you the comfort of knowing your pallets are ready, but not taking up valuable space at your facility.  As part of a VMI program or just a phone call away, your pallets are loaded and delivered just when you need them.

In addition, you are not invoiced until you receive the pallets, which helps the bottom line.
Site Analysis

Taylor Made Pallets is thrilled to visit your site and review or create a pallet program for you.  Everything is analyzed and reviewed to optimize your storage space, your load consolidations, and most importantly…….your bottom line in regards to pallet usage.

    • Can you save money by changing current pallet size, shape, specifications?
    • Can you create revenue by selling or repairing your used pallets?
    • Can Taylor Made Pallets help you save money in your logistics program?

Data Reporting

Taylor Made Pallets offers detailed data reporting on all pallet tranactions.  Purchasing history is kept in simple, easy to read Excel spreadsheets.  We also track the amount and type of pallets removed from your facility.  This data is available for you to see and review at all times.